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Army Cadet Force Pipes and Drums

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The Army Cadet Force Pipes and Drums aims to provide centralised training for cadet pipers and drummers from a variety of units. The ACFPD was founded in the early 1990's by the first National Cadet Piping and Drumming Executive officer (NCPDEO), Major Bruce Hitchings, and since then this post has been held by Major Jim Stout and Major Ross Munro.

Though many Scottish ACF battalions have had their own bands for over a century, this is the only organisation which brings them together, allowing them to perform as one massed band under the collective capbadge of the ACF. The ACFPD also allows cadets to pursue musical qualifications, in the form of SCQF levels, and APC star levels. These can be completed after a cadet has achieved One Star standard in military training, and then further star levels can be completed in music, though this can be done concurrently with military training.

Since its establishment the Army Cadet Force Pipes and Drums has had the privaledge of playing at many prestigious events, such as the Basel Tattoo in Switzerland,the First World War comemorative Drum head service at Edinburgh Castle in 2014, and numerous private performances for Her Majesty the Queen at Balmoral Castle, to name but a few. Additionaly the ACFPD have an anual parade through the streets of Dingwall every year at the end of their week long concentration at Cameron Barracks in Inverness in April, which used to be followed by a parade in Falcon Square in Inverness the following year, but which for the past two years has been replaced by a concert, first at the Eden Court Theatre, and then at the Ironworks. The following month they also beat the retreat at Edinburgh Castle, along with the Military Bands of the Army Cadet Force. The ACFPD provides several courses throughout the yearwhich aim to develop cadets' playing ability. In July a novice course is held at Redford Cavalry Barracks in Edinburgh which alows young pipers and drummers to begin to learn their instruments and to work towards their first star levels. This course also provides an opportunity for senior cadets to assiset in teaching and so work towards the Piping and Drumming Qualifications Board Tutors Certificate. In October anothet week long course is run which allows cadets to improve their skills, and which culminates in the annual Cadet Piping and Drumming Competitions st the Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming at Inchdrewer House, Edinburgh. As previously mentioned, a week long course also runs each April at Cameron Barracks, Inverness, which leads to performances in Dingwall and Inverness at the end of the week. The Army Cadet Force Pipes and Drums is run by a Nationally appointed training team, led by the NCPDEO, and a Training Officer. All members of the training team are qualified Pipe and Drum Majors and have a wealth of experience with which to train and inspire young pipers and drummers. The ACFPD gives cadets a variety of opportunities that they would not normally recieve in the ACF. As well as the many opportunities for performance, as cadets progress they can also gain the appointment of Pipe Major and Drum Major within their battalions, and each year a Senior Pipe Major and Senior Drum Major of the ACF are appointed to lead the massed band, which is the ulitmate aim for most cadet pipers and drummers.