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Armed Forces Pay Review Body

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The Armed Forces Pay Review Body provides independent advice to Gordon Brown and the Secretary of State for Defence on the remuneration and charges for members of the Naval, Military and Air Forces of the Crown.


In reaching its recommendations, the Review Body is to have regard to the following considerations:

  • The need to recruit, retain and motivate suitably able and qualified people taking account of the particular circumstances of Service life;
  • Government policies for improving public services, including the requirement on the Ministry of Defence to meet the output targets for the delivery of departmental services;
  • the funds available to the Ministry of Defence as set out in the Governments departmental expenditure limits; and
  • the Governments inflation target.

The Review Body shall have regard for the need for the pay of the Armed Forces to be broadly comparable with pay levels in civilian life.

Who makes the Board

Typically the board will comprise of 9 people of which some may be serving in the Armed Forces. Civilian members of the board usually are leaders within their own civilian sectors with a broad range of experience in personnel management and recruiting.

What do they decide

Quite a lot, the main effort is percentage pay rise for all servicemen/women and Officers across the 3 services. The rise in charges to food and accommodation and the change (if any) to the mysterious X Factor (no not the TV series!)

They also have to assess any specialist areas of pay such as specialist skills like pilots and surgeons and Corps specific trades that may be suffering from poor retention and recruitment.

Overall it is a very large subject to cover combined with visits to theatres so Soldiers can get across their views (which apparently is important) to help assess whether the board is getting things right!

How do they assess service life compared to civilian life

How do they compare family separation, working hours, reduction in civil liberties,problems with family medical care, dangers of service life to our civilian brothers and sisters... well they cant, its a big blag. Basically the PM tells the board that despite soldiers working 24/7 in the worlds sh*tholes he needs to give 6% to the Firefighters so the Forces will have to make do with just below inflation. The board then goes around the world picking up duty free and attending dinners.

However if you use some media spin about when you combine X Factor (which hasnt increased for over 10 years) with the new percentage rise it is all smiles as can be seen by our little glowing faces.


Did I say that out loud???

Little tricks employed by the AFPRB to cushion the blow to the Treasury include,

  • Splitting the pay award over 12 months so you only get 1/2 of it for most of the year.
  • Stealth rises in accommodation and food charges, while refusing to acknowledge the lack of improvement in these areas.
  • Comparing Service life to unrealistic civilian examples.

Message to the current Board

Hey have you lost wieght?

You dont look old enough to have that much experience?

What is the secret to your athletic build?

If only you were in the Forces, you would be an Admiral by now!

Can I wash your Mercedes?