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Big truck, bends in the middle. Usually with a girl's name on the front and a dead prostitute in the back.

Oh no, hang on...

The Arctic Circle

66o32'N, the Arctic Circle is the point at which the Arctic starts.

Within the Arctic Circle on at least one day of the year the sun never rises and at least one day the sun never sets. So a bit like [insert name of your hometown] then.

Apparently crossing the Arctic Circle causes some electronic equipment such as GPS to go haywire so crows and Young Officers should be advised to well, whatever you feel like. Mention Sporadic E or "aurorae". Throw in "axial drift" if you want.

Geographical North Pole


Opposite side of the world to the South Pole.

Unlike the South Pole, the North Pole is on floating ice so it moves around quite a bit and there's no pretty pole or anything to mark it. Just a few huts for the mechanics who oil the bearings...

Magnetic North Pole

The place that Top Gear went to instead, the cheating weasels. It's somewhere in Canada at the moment.