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Archbishop of Canterbury

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Beardy cnut

The leader of the Church of England and the worldwide Anglican community - that's the Proddy equivalent of the Pope. The current incumbent of this ancient office is Dr. Rowan Williams.

Oh, where to start with this fecker? The word on the street is that this man is so cerebral that the rest of us poor minions lack the intelligence to understand him. Look at the picture on your right. Would you trust that man with your kids? The Archbishop of Canterbury? Is that the best a church with twenty million followers can come up with: a Real Ale-swigging, Grauniad-reading paedophile? Give me fucking strength!

Anyhow, Dr. Brains has recently put his foot in it by openly advocating Sharia Law in the UK. Williams basically stated that it's a foregone conclusion and 'inevitable'. Well it'll be an absolute fucking certainty with lefty twats like him in positions of authority and influence.

Of consequence, he's caused great outrage in the shires of Merrie Ingerlund and pissed off an awful lot of people across the ethnic divide - especially Anglican Christians in some rather hot countries who are persecuted for their beliefs by those who practice the very 'law' that this cnut is espousing. So, not THAT clever then?