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Night classes in being angry

A peaceful, ancient and noble collective of clans with varying loyalties & beliefs, they are a very misunderstood race - if indeed they are a race as such. Their one redeeming feature is their propensity to abstain from alcohol and bacon sarnies (see Muslim) - which is fine by me, as that leaves more for me to drink and scoff. Cheers easy!

They will however continue a vendetta for 500 years over a disagreement about a camel so perhaps not the most mentally balanced 'race'.

Virtually every Arab nation leapt into the Soviet sphere of influence/socialism camp when Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser successfully faced down the French and British during the Suez Crisis of 1956. As a result all of their economies (excluding those with oil) are totally fragged.

As they have little in the way of Universities doing research into anything other than the Koran, they have to buy all their technological devices from the West which is yet another slap in the face to a once advanced race.

In addition they have a raging inferiority complex and are Frothing At The Gash to prove how tough they are. Imagine an entire race with a massive chip on their shoulder behaving like a 16yr old chav over being 'disrespected'.

It they weren't sitting on 90% of the worlds oil, they could be safely ignored ... but they are so we have to play camel ball with the mad feckers.