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Andy McNab

Andy McNab.

(1.n) The pseudonym of a former member of The Special Air Service Regiment who has written a series of increasingly implausible books - factual and now fictional - relating to his efforts to save the world. McNab rose to prominence in the literary world followinbg the publication of his groundbreaking work Bravo Two Zero. McNab is an ex-RGJ corporal and is therefore an instructor in basic Danish, shovel warfare and Mini Moke driving. Also wideboy wearer of classic Mk I SF moustache.

(2.v) To take a shit which leaves no residue on the arse and thus does not require the deployment of John Wayne.

"But a better soldier than the lot of you put together! Awarded both the Distinguished Conduct Medal DCM and Military Medal (MM) during his career, McNab was the British Army's most highly decorated serving soldier when he finally left the SAS in February 1993." (Blondebint wrote in his defence)

Nonetheless he is still a complete and utter tosser - albeit with medals. And what would Blondebint know about soldiers and soldiering? That's evident from her Dare to Excel website that still gets added to daily by the daft dull troll. The only people that view are the still curious folks from here that can't believe she still posts that bollocks. And indeed at the time that McNab left the Army, there were a number of soldiers still serving who had been decorated for bravery two or three times - which is not to detract from 'McNab's' bravery but to point out that Blondebint knows jack shit.

Medals awarded are based on his own (disproved) version of events. Also responsible for the gradual transformation of the Regiment into the Special Authors' Service. Creative writing is now tested at Selection.