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An-225 Mriya
Type Heavy-Lift Transport
Manufacturer Antonov - Soviet Union
Status Active

Basic Information

  • Entered Service - 1989
  • Crew - 6/7
  • Production Total - 1


  • Length - 84.0 m
  • Height - 18.20 m
  • Wingspan - 88.40 m
  • Maximum Take-Off Weight - 1,322,774lbs


  • Maximum Speed - 850 km/h
  • Maximum Range - 4,500 km
  • Service Ceiling - 35,000 ft
  • The An-225 is the largest aircraft in the world.
  • Beginning in June 2003, the An-225, along with An-124s, delivered over 800 tonnes of equipment to aid humanitarian efforts in Iraq.

The An-225 has also been contracted by the US and Canadian governments to transport military supplies to the Middle East in support of Coalition forces.


The An-224 also designed to accept the carrying of the Russian space shuttle known as the "Buran" with a little modification. Only one example of the Mriya is known to exist, with a second currently being built due to high demand.