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Ammo boots

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Proper ol’ job!

'Boots, Crunchy', as opposed to 'Boots, Orthopedic', like the ones Chickenpunk had to bull as a young soldier clad in chrome callipers.

Ammunition Boots ('cause they come with the ammunition') are leather-soled, hobnailed ankle boots. These are now only used ceremonially, are usually privately purchased, and are almost always 'burned down'.

This itself is a fascinating ritualistic process involving the flame of a lighted candle and the end of a spoon-handle; to flatten and smooth any dimples and other imperfections in the leather upper, and then bulled with saliva and Kiwi boot polish (only Kiwi will do) to a mirror-like shine, so clear that WRACs use your toe-caps to see their pig-ugly faces whilst they pluck their eyebrows, and also to help them hunt for their crab lice in their anal beard.

For a detailed description of how to achieve the required standard, see Bulling Boots.

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