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Polite term for Spams


Native Americans:

These were the people living on the North American continent long before the proto-americans turned up (so obviously dont count).

In the main they were kind to the colonists trading with them and on several occasions feeding them when they starved. The founding fathers of future USA paid them back by started a trend they follow to this day: attempting to exterminate the native Americans, stealing their resources, squandering what they didn't outright steal and in general being extremely shiity to anyone they intimidate with big guns.

Today things are so much better with many Native Americans stealing money back from the pale faces with their reservation based casinos. Derogatory sports team names like 'Redskins' are constantly under legal attack. They are also helped out by their South American counterparts(see below) who have retaliated from their land being stolen by giving the white man a monkey for his back (cocaine).

Central/South Americans:

Originally from Aztec/Inca descent until the Spaniards took over most of the whole continents.