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Ambush (verb and noun)

The act of surprising someone by luring them into a situation that they do not expect and then doing something ... errr ... surprising to them.

Military Application

Luring an enemy into a position where he can be attacked with the element of surprise and so killed/captured with the minimum friendly casualties would be a military application of the concept of an ambush.

Ambush can be used in a tactical sense where small units are suckered in a local, small scale ambushing ie Spam marine patrols in Vietnam being cut off from their firebases by cunning Viet Cong who hid at the side of known US trails and waited.

Strategic ambushes are larger in scale (and harder to plan) where battalions or brigades or whole armies can be sucked into a trap ie The Austrians/Russians by Napoleon at Austerlitz

Civilian Application

Convincing the bed partner of your choice that you are going to give them a relaxing back rub and then just as they start to doze off ... you kick their Back Doors in.

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