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Altcar Training Camp

"Delightful" training camp owned by the Reserve Forces & Cadets Association, located near Southport on Merseyside. Equipped with a reasonable selection of ranges, a small training area and a large number of accommodation blocks with all the traditional military comforts (50% of windows with curtains, 1950s-era pillows, rubber mattresses, lockers that can't be locked and 12-man rooms).

Famous for the 'one sausage...just take one sausage...put that extra sausage back!!!' cookhouse, Shapter hall, The StGeorges ACF Centre and the Red Rose Club (which infamously was campaigning against the Smoking Ban).

Often full of Army Cadets, Air Cadets and civilians doing archery, clay pigeon shooting, car boot sales, etc.

Useful Info

Home to the 42 (North West) Brigade Regional Training Centre (RTC), and therefore frequently full of TA Recruits on TAFS, BITS courses, potential officers and RMQ students. Also extensively used by local TA units for exercises (especially Signals).

The delights of Southport are but a train ride away. Note: it is recommended for personnel unfamiliar with the area to enlist the aid of a local Scouser to ensure the best of Southport is seen.

Note to Service Personnel arriving at Altcar - any civilian archers/clay pigeoners ahead of you in the main gate queue will inevitably be tutting at the time it takes to get into a military establishment, almost as if they owned the place. It will always take some time to exit Altcar, the barrier is automated and only allows one vehicle at a time. Great for convoys!!