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Note: This article's title should be pronounced to rhyme with 'Sally'... ("Ah-Lee" not "ah-lie")

Mid '80s

The most ally rig imaginable was Para Smock, norgie, OG trews, and DMS with tailored puttees. G10 watch. Webbing to consist of ammo pouches, resi sack and as many waterbottle pouches as you could steal (preferably '44 pattern), topped off with a SAS Bergen (uncomfortable as feck, but virtually indestructible). Tin pisser was decidedly non-ally, but marks could be scored for attention to scrim - hessian preferable. Tour 'tache not advisable.

Late '80s

The OGs were dropped (fnarr) for tropical trews and the tin pisser was consigned to that great migraine in the sky in exchange for the plastic battle bowler. The allyest lid available was now the Para Helmet, with catseyes band, grenade ring on the chinstrap, no scrim. Helly Hansen fleece obligatory, with NI patrol or Aircrew Boots - in my case a pair of trials CABs (any trials kit being the ultimate in allyness). Tour 'tache obligatory.

Early '90s

Green PLCE to replace the 58 webbing, but with a few '58 waterbottle pouches attached just to confirm sweat status. Trade in SAS Bergen for Crusader/Roc (not as durable but a lot easier on the kidneys). Alternate trops & smock combo with set of windproofs and Jungle Boots for summer wear. Tour 'tache respectable.

Mid '90s

Head-to-toe windproofs, Matterhorn boots, chest rig, woolly hat, berghaus gaiters and Munro daysack. Tour 'tache luxuriant.

Late '90s

Despite the advent of Combat 95, windproofs are still the way ahead. Buffalo shirt de rigeur. DPM PLCE, with ammo pouches left & right. Tour 'tache Gaucho.

Early 'noughties'

(Loan service Sierra Leone) Trops are back in! '58 webbing broken out of storage, pistol holster added to left yoke strap, floppy hat (trimmed) and sweat rag worn at all times. Extra large wallet to be flashed to Operation SILKMAN personnel. Tour 'tache impressive.

Mid 'noughties'

Deserts. Chest rig with pistol hoster attached. Para Helmet with GS strap. Tour 'tache grey.

Late 'noughties'

A large amount of the above to be available on eBay, "As used by SAS/PARA/Marines". Desert Rats tie, blazer with badge, tan chinos and brown brogues - burnished. Tour 'tache to be incorporated in cavalry whiskers.

The '10s

Tour 'tache cycle starts again:


Rab jackets are the jackets to be seen in on exercise, or for the really daring amongst you, anywhere you please. North face 'puffa' jackets are also acceptable. Scrimmed and cam-netted helmets are back in, in a big way. Privately purchased, multicam MOLLE webbing is de rigeur, even if you don't need, want or even use it, and the more pouches, the better, obviously.

The 2020s

Covid tour 'tache obscured by medical facemask

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