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Allo Allo

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Get the wet celery and the flying helmet!

Allo Allo was one of the most tired tv sit coms ever to crawl onto the square box.

The basic premise was pretty clever. Take the successful wartime drama 'Secret Army', turn all the characters into caricatures (Ze Germans, Le Frog, the upper class English twit), have everyone talk in silly accents, set the plot around 2 escaping British Airmen and a looted artwork, throw in some memorable catchphrases, turn each episode into a self contained farce within the bigger vague storyline and voilĂ  instant tv gold! ..... well not quite.

There was enough good material for maybe a TOTAL of 8 episodes if you stretched the gags a bit thin but this format was stretched out for 10 YEARS and 85 episodes! There are just so many times you can try to get a laugh repeating the line Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once 3 or 4 times OR have the English spy disguised as a gendarme say (in supposed very bad french) Good Moaning before tv's start getting thrown out of windows.

This show in no way ever reached the same level of affection as Dad's Army or even It_Ain't_Half_Hot_Mum.

Bizarrely this show has been sold abroad to the Germans! WTF?

Theres a basic plot line and character detailing on the Wiki here but to be honest, stick to Captain Mainwarring platoon and the Royal Artillery Concert Party if you feel like a little war time humour.