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All Arms Commando Course

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Qualification badge

The All Arms Commando Course is run by the Royal Marines and lasts for ten weeks. Members from any of the United Kingdom's regular forces and overseas exchange personnel can attend in order to work within 3 Commando Brigade.

The course is held at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM) Lympstone. On completion of the course a successful candidate will receive a Green Beret, and earn the right to wear the 'Dagger' on their uniform (this is not to be confused with the brigade TRF).

Following a two-week pre-course period, which brings soldiers from a broad range of backgrounds up to a common standard of basic skills, the course then focuses on core military skills, including: patrolling, defence, section and troop level attacks.

The course then covers the following commando skills:

  • Amphibious assault drills
  • Cliff assault drills
  • Helicopter drills
  • Small unit tactics

The course concludes with a week-long final exercise followed by Test Week. The following tests must be passed:

  • 30' rope climb with 30lb weight + weapon
  • A full regain with 30lb weight + weapon
  • 200m fireman's carry - including all webbing of 30lbs each + both weapons (90 secs)
  • 9 mile speed march with 30lbs of kit + weapon (90 mins)
  • 12 mile load carry with full bergen - 70lbs + weapon (4 hrs)
  • Tarzan assault course (13 mins)
  • Endurance course (72 mins)
  • 30 miles over Dartmoor (7.5-8 hrs)

There is also a Reserve Commando Course run for members of the Royal Marines Reserve and Commando units of the Territorial Army.

So what's to gain?, It must be noted that earning the Commando dagger/Green lid does not guarantee the commando role in the British Army/Royal Air Force as it is a predominantly Royal Marines/Royal Navy thing. Commando roles do exist but are either most likely a minority or short lived. It must also be noted that not everything in a commando brigade is commando qualified, just hats who operate with the Royal Marines.

See also Army Commandos.