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Alfie Patten

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A close family collects their child benefit together.

Making a strong run at the title of Chav of the Year is 13 year old Alfie Patten.

This baby faced lothario managed to throw one up his extremely chavvy girlfriend Chantelle <is there a chavvier name?> when only 12 years old AND get her up the duff first time <who says the kids of today don't have any survival skills - instant council house and benefit for the next 18 years!>

Getting Complicated

Since the story broke a total of 8 other teens (including Alfie's brother Joe) have said they had the slutty Chantelle about 9 months ago ... her bedroom must have had turnstiles and a take a number system! The 15 year old girlfriend claims to have been a virgin and it was first time out for her as well ... but frankly no-ones buying it.

The Families

Chantelle and child (Maisie) are living with her mother, her jobless dad and her five brothers in a rented council house in Eastbourne. The family live on benefits.

Nicola Patten, Alfie’s mother, appeared at Eastbourne Magistrates’ Court charged with “failing to send a child to school”. Seems Alfie doesnt regularly attended classes!

Alfie's doting and protective father Dennis, is allegedly considering an offer to have a DNA test result into the parentage of the baby opened live on a television talk show. Max Clifford is obviously advising.

Finally ... a group of families that can give The Matthews Family a run for their money.

Computer says Noooo

It was reported at the end of march 2009 that all is not what it initially seemed. A £300 DNA test reported back that Alfie WASN'T the father. Its been rumoured that Chantelle's mother Penny told her daughter to keep quiet about all the other possible fathers so they could cash in on the publicity surrounding 13-year-old dad Alfie.

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