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Definitions vary wildly from:

  • A person who practices 'terrorism', i.e. that is the use of violence to achieve a political objective - with the exception of George W Bush and the Dear Leader of course.
  • A person who could 'possibly' disagree with the invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan, or the eroding of all rights etc: See T.W.A.T.
  • A person who decides that killing civilians is the best way to demonstrate their ideology and/or the peacefulness and innocence of their religion - no prizes for guessing which (and it ain't Zen Buddhists)
- FB says the survivors of the Rape of Nanking and the Burma Railway may not totally agree with you on this point .....
- think they'd have been shintoists - buddhists tend to torch themselves if peeved)
- (Quote: In 1191, the Zen sect was introduced from China. Its complicated theories were popular particularly among the members of the military class. Japanese Religion webpage Shall I take my anorak off now? :-)
- Hell no! An anorak of that size should be worn with pride!
  • Freedom Fighter: Still a terrorist, still a total cnut using violence to achieve a political aim ... but these cnuts are on our side!