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Al Jazeera TV

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...and now Effendi, the weather.

An Arabic-language television channel based in Doha, Qatar. Launched in November 1996, it has evolved into the voice of the Arab.

It went out of its way to court controversy by broadcasting contentious Arab issues ... but it wasn't until late 2001 that Al Jazeera achieved worldwide popularity/infamy when it broadcast video statements by al Qaeda leaders. Al Jazeera is now considered a fairly mainstream media network, though more controversial than most.

Sort of like the BBC but not quite as biased against Jews.

FB: Funny you should mention the BBC. Rumour has it that most Al Jazeera staff are BBC trained, having worked for the BBC World Service, until the Foreign Office, who pays for a chunk of the World Service, decided there was no point having an Arabic language station. Another great FO decision .....

With the general dumbing down of tv for the thickos amongst us, Al Jazeera is no exception with the following sit coms/reality tv programs in the works...

  • The Imam of Dibley: Where a radical Islamic preacher is sent to a sleepy little English village to ferment Jihad ... with hilarious decapitations.
  • Mohammedanory: Where numerous celebrities read their favourite parts of the 9th Sura to encourage kiddies to blow up their heretical parents.
  • Easternenders: Where a bunch of miserable muslims complain, declare holy war and discuss Mohammed furiously down the local launderette.
  • It Aint Half Hot Umm: Where a group of Taliban travel to locations all round Afghanistan and entertain the troops by quoting the Koran from memory ... while secretly wearing women's underwear.

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