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Al Faw

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Al Faw is a peninsula is the extreme south west of Iraq. It is a strategic asset to coalition forces in Iraq, as it is the location of Iraq's 2 main oil terminals, Korr-Al-Amaya and Mina Al-Bakr. The main town of the peninsula, Umm Qasr, was also the location of Iraq's main naval base, under Saddam's regime.

The area is, in reality, quite boring, hence provided the optimum environment for some Dragoon Guards with nothing to do to film the famous The Way To Amarillo video.

Gulf War 2

Al Faw peninsula was one of the principal first targets of British forces at the start of the invasion. The Royal Marines staged a successful midnight assault on the area, which annoyed them because they had planned to bum each other silly that night. The area fell quickly, however heavy resistance in Umm Qasr resulted in several days fighting before the town was made safe.

Present Significance

Currently, security patrols carried out by the US Coast Guard are launched from the peninsula, however this responsibility is slowly being transferred to the newly formed Iraqi Coast Guard.