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RAF Akrotiri is on the Southern tip of Cyprus inside the Western Sovereign Base Area.

Although an airfield there is a surprisingly large amount of Army personnel from the Royal Signals, the Royal Engineers and the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers providing various amounts of support. All of course aggravating the Station Warrant Officer!

Historically RAF Akrotiri housed enough squadrons to be an air force in its own right but, in its later years, the airfield has become home to visiting squadrons who make use of the Cypriot weather for training and a free holiday - and why not?

Operationally Arkotiri has proved invaluable as a staging post for operations within the Middle East and due to this fact the station has, over the last ten years, seen a big increase in upkeep and capability.

'Akers' itself is pretty much self-contained with enough facilities for singlies and pads but the real fun of course is at Limassol, the local holiday spot.

Akrotiri has a fantastic beach with enough water sports clubs than you can shake a stick at, however, topless sunbathing is not allowed so you will have to go down town for that!

Just outside of camp is the strip with some of the finest kebab restaurants around (untouched by holiday commerce). Enjoy the food, the FULL Kebab is highly recommended, have some Kokinelli (dont forget the bucket) then it's down town for disco and ladies!

Dont forget the local saying, 'Dont Worry Be Happy!' - and in Akrotiri you most certainly will be.