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Aircraft Commander

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Dashing aviator type in charge of a helicopter whilst flying. When the helicopter is on the ground, the Door Gunners are responsible.

Aircraft Commanders spread rumours that they earn just slightly less money than Elton John and Cliff Richard, but can be seen in similar bars and haunts. The benefits agency subsidise thier income in the form of Family tax credit etc.

90% of money earned in the British Army goes to 0.1% - Senior Aircraft Commanders on Enhanced Rate Flying pay

How many birds want to shag a Mortgage Broker??, Answer... loads when they see the swollen two lumps in thier pants... One being the schlong and two being his wad! then they realise he can think for himself and if he needed a throbbing beast to show off with he would simply climb in his E320 and bare his bottom.

Mortgage Brokers chat up line - Hi, I can get you 0.03% off your base rate, fancy a quick knee trembler behind the HSBC?? I know Alan Partridge you know. I drive a dull German rep mobile. I have to explain in great depth what I do for a living and justify why I'm duller than the paint finish on a Challenger tank. I wear a D&G suit from TK Maxx but my Sekonda is pukka. Fancy a spritzer?

Aircraft commanders chat up line - No need; he usually has his pick of the fanny fodder wherever he goes. Golden leg spreaders do the work that 300 words could never.