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Sport, hobby, nuisance, childish and immature, downright hilarious, call it what you will.

Airbumming at its base level involves creeping up behind a colleague and - well, the title speaks for itself.

First developed as a sport in Afghanistan by Lynx and Apache technicians from JHF(A), several of the original cast from 9 Regiment Army Air Corps Workshop REME further developed the game and have so far spawned 2 sequels, both filmed on Exercise GRAND PRIX in Kenya.

Airbumming - The Montage

Airbumming - Afghanistan

Airbumming 2 - Kenya

Airbumming 3 - Kenya

Airbumming 4 - Kenya

The sport, although in its infancy is slowly gathering momentum.

Airbumming - Guardsman Style

4th Bn The Yorkshire Regt in Canada

Airbumming - The Future

The race is now on for someone to airbum a celebrity, a member of Royalty or a member of HM Government.

The ARRSE Olympic Airbumming team meets on the second Wednesday of the month in MDN's shed.

An associated sport is zwaffelling

AirBumming V Zwaffeling - The Battle for Hearts, Minds and Sponsorship

Airbumming is far more acceptable to the public audience, sanctioned by youtube, and actually achievable on a day-to-day basis. Unlike your zwaffellers, whos undocumented tales of cock slapping verge on the realms of the Walt. Fugly

Zwaffling has actually been the subject of a court case, so is a matter of public record, whereas airbumming is just for people whose manhood is too small to effect a proper zwaffle. <Stoatman>

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