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Airborne Forces are a light, mobile force. They are completely nails - and far superior to conventional troops - especially Marines (or so they say).

Bellerophon astride Pegasus

Mainly Infantry, but supported by light Armour, Artillery, Engineer, Signals and Logistic units, they are trained to land behind enemy lines, attack and hold an objective until reinforced by ground forces or until the bar shuts. This was certainly the plan at Arnhem; pity it went so tits up (the bar closed early).

They have been known to take on Panzers with rifles, knives and harsh language. They apparently don't have the intelligence to know when to back down - even if totally and hopelessly outnumbered and they have run out of ammunition, stones and spit to throw at the enemy. There are, of consequence, usually high casualties when it all goes Pete Tong.

The Airborne used to be inserted by Glider with the heavy equipment and the Infantry by Parachute, though today they are inserted by Helicopter and (extremely rarely) Parachute, but serve in the same role.

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