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Adult Instructor

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This information is specific to the Army Cadet Force

Adult Instructors are adults employed by the Army Cadet Forces (ACF) to instruct cadets in the Military Syllabus as per the appropriate training manuals. Many are ex-forces, some are ex-cadets and the rest are straight off civvy street. They have the most rigorous clearance in addition to the CRB check to ensure that there are no criminal or sex offender convictions, all of which has to be done by law before you can work unsupervised with children.

After basic training - known as Adult Induction Course (AIC), Potential Instructors (PIs) have to wear a red stripe (ACF only) on their rank slide. Many will be posted to a Detachment under senior and more experienced staff. They will be expected to do teaching practices and actual instructing once they have gained sufficient subject knowledge. The supervising staff will be sitting in on this and give them feedback on how well they have done and what to improve upon. After a year they will be expected to attend an Instructor's Training Cadre (ITC) - their rank of Sergeant Instructor being confirmed after this.

Promotion is up to the individual. Some may prefer to remain a Sergeant Instructor whilst others progress to Staff Sergeant Instructor and upward to Officers holding a Queen's Commission - all of which requires an interview and a course to qualify.

There is an opportunity to run your own Detachment. Beware this will take up nearly all your spare time! Think this one over VERY carefully. If you can do it great. If you can't be honest and don't over-reach yourself - it's not fair on the cadets and wastes everybody's time. However if you can do it, it can be the most rewarding thing you do.

The following qualities will help in being an Instructor:

  • A sense of Humour
  • The patience of a Saint
  • The Ability to have a good rapport with teenagers
  • Good admin skills
  • Resourcefulness

Magic Wands can issued in exceptional circumstances from the Quartermaster.


Politics. Like in any organisation, this is everywhere. Backstabbing is the norm and gossips - especially amongst the Officers and at HQ - you cannot escape from. But you can rise above it.


The opportunity to influence the next generation to a better way of life, greater opportunities to make friends, see different places, do activities that they may not otherwise do if they stayed on street corners, helping them to discover their own hidden talents, become more confident so when they leave in a better shape than when they came in and you will be remembered for a very long time, as many instructor have found when these same cadet came back and said that "They owe a lot to him for a good start in life!"

All this information above is supplied based on my experience in the Army Cadet Force. The Air and Sea Cadets will be similar but I cannot comment on them.