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Or Adonis as some call him. Silent type that likes to engage in frequent cyber sex with roxygirl, he also likes to believe he will be the father of roxy's first child although she wouldnt really touch him with a barge pole. Due to the amount of alcohol he consumes he is normally drunk whenever he appears on ARRSE. Also has a scary obsession with latin females hoops.

Has no idea of the real price of beer however. Thinks going to his local Spar and getting 6 Fosters [spit spit spit] for £5 is a good deal when he could have gone along to his local Threshers and gotten EIGHT nice strong VERY nice tasting Firebrand Czech Lagers for £8!!!!!! Think he bought Special Brew next - silly boy.

Adon, you know we've only made bum love. Love Roxy!

Is also slugged up. Wants to rim her hoop.

Eats a lot of cheese and drinks a lot, is the father of BBC's child.

A Salisbury ARRSE Crawl survivor!

A Christmas London Crawl survivor!

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