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Acropolis Now

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The latest ball-busting actioner from the enigmatic author is a familiar rollercoaster ride of thrills and clichés. Love him or hate him, Clunge delivers and this latest offering is no disappointment. As ever, there may well be more than a scintilla of truth in this work of fiction.


SAS Captain Jack Small is sent to Greece to carry out a mission that 'does not exist’. His objective is to seek out the British Defence Attaché – a well respected and highly-decorated officer who has gone ‘native’ and is holed up in the mountains outside Athens with a bunch of rogue plate smashers. Whitehall believes the officer – a Lt Col Curtiss - has gone completely nuts and could compromise the very integrity of NATO itself. Small's job is to eliminate him with extreme prejudice to save the British government anymore embarrassment.

After waking up totally hammered after a night on the Keo with some Swedish sailors in a bar in Limassol, Small is briefed by Army intelligence, given Curtiss’s file and sets sail from Cape Gata for the land of Plato and Aristotle on an RLC Mexeflote. Small discovers that his target is one of the most highly-decorated officers in the British Army. Along the way, Small and his crew meet up with a nudity-obsessed Army Air Corps Lynx pilot who has been detailed to escort them through the Somali pirate-infested Mediterranean - with shocking results.

After eventually reaching the Greek coast, Small paddles ashore under cover of darkness and takes a waiting taxi into the heart of Athens whereupon he meets a secretive contact who will take him into the treacherous mountains to seek out – and ultimately rub out – his quarry. But who’s hunting who?


Yet more ink wastage or another tour de force from the action maestro? You be the judge.


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