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Anti-Social Behaviour Orders or ASBOs were introduced by the Bliar government in response to spiralling youth crime in many UK towns and cities. They serve no purpose whatsoever; the wording basically bans the scrote from breaking the law, which is akin to telling Helen Keller to keep quiet and listen in. Some Chavs see an ASBO as an accesory like Burberry, to be worn with pride.

Overzealous local authorities have issued ASBOs to a wide range of citizens from all age groups. These have been for crimes such as an overgrown garden or in one case to a married couple who practiced the violin in their flat, hardly surprising as they were members of a famous orchestra.

In applying for an ASBO against a person, the local authority can utilise 'hearsay' evidence, making an ASBO the weapon of choice in inter-neighbour disputes.

Civil rights groups such as Liberty are very much against ASBOs, stating that they ciminalise youth. If this is allowed to develop to its logical conclusion then all laws will be scrapped to prevent the hazard to gangs of innocent muggers, unde-age drinkers, car thieves, drug users and dealers, gunmen, knifemen, rapists and racists.

Many alternatives to ASBOs are regularly suggested by the ARRSE think-tank, and the vast majority suggested would achieve zero recidivism due to their uncompromising nature.