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By using this site you acknowledge that its owners and moderators are NOT liable for any event suffered as a result of using this site. its owners and moderators will not be held liable for...
Medical expenses do to injury suffered by using this site be they mental or physical.
Hardware expenses due uncontrolled emissions of liquid after reading site content or uncontrolled physical abuse of hardware do to the effects of trolling or being culled as a troll.
The overloading of hardware causing a reverse voltage spike knocking out your local power grid, forcing your area power station to overgenerate and become "out of control" overheat, explode and irradiate everything within 1000 Square miles.
Sacking or loss of income due to your direct "quoting" of information posted on this site to the CGS at a Royal garden party.
Lack of promotion or career progress due to your works monitor always showing when the OC walks in.
Any event where the mis-interpretation of any given information on this site that could when used in any context result in the breakdown of goodwill between countries, increasing tension in such a way that a global thermo-nuclear sun tan is recieved by all.
Death or attempted death of a World leader, (try
Price setting within the NAAFI.
The demise of LOA due to posts stating "I`m making £200 a day for nothing in Germany".