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ARRSE Vermin

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Like a lot of ARRSE members, Bugsy spends a great deal of time not being bothered about stuff on the internet.

As we know, nothing is fool-proof. Over the years there are one or two special individuals who have managed to infiltrate this stern defence and risen to the ranks of ARRSE Vermin.

Promotion To ARRSE Vermin Status

There are currently three levels of ARRSE Vermin Status:

1. Vermin Padawan

2. Vermin Knight

3. Master Vermin

To achieve Master Vermin Status (and be permitted to wear the ARRSE post-nominal "AMV") you must satisfy the following criteria:

A. Have Bugsy negatively rate every single post you make (despite not mentioning him nor discussing the same topic)

B. Have Bugsy 'follow' your profile

C. And this is the clincher - get your very own Bugsy style ARRSE Vermin Tag. See below for examples:

Stacker1 - Spackerman

StickyToffeePudding - Sticky Pudding Fella

Ord_Sgt - Odd Sarge

The_Duke - Da Dook

Sixty (SixtyFootDoll) - Sixty Dot Fool

Five Alpha / DoorBundle / BileSpewer - Fried Alfie / Pile Screwer

Dark Nit - Dork Nit

Happy Nomad - Crappy No Mark, UnHappy Nomates

PC Supa - Pea Souper

Helm - Bobby's *Helm*et (Helm / Helmet - geddit?)

Ritch - Slimy-Slitch (No, I didn't get it either... I think he was on the white spirit that day.)

hotel_california - Hopeless Cauliflower

I'm sure you can add some more...