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ARRSE Tie (The)

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First proposed by barbs the concept of an ARRSE Tie was enthusiastically taken up by the denizens of ARRSE. Within 24 hours, barbs post had been viewed more than 2,500 times and Good_CO had posted various designs for consideration.

ARRSE regulars such as The_Lord_Flasheart, Darth Doctrinus, Mysteron, Abacus and cpunk all got in on the act and - following his promotion to Moderator - Darth Doctrinus suggested that there was no such thing as 'just any old ARRSE tie'; this was THE ARRSE Tie. Events have now overtaken the conspirators, as it seems that there are going to be 2 versions: 'The ARRSE City Tie' and 'The ARRSE Country Tie'.

Further debate ensued when Good_CO posted a poll to decide the appearance of 'The ARRSE Country Tie'. Pensionpointer even managed a single post before the thread was locked for fear of overheating the server. (Because of the number of posts, not just the content of Pensionpointer's).

Back to the poll: Eventually two clear results emerged - the official poll result (like an OJAR/CR Grading) and the forum opinion (like an OJAR/CR Pen Picture). Good_CO can tell you about the poll result if he wants, but those of us who don't actually need to risk our own money voted Number 4 and so it came to pass that we now have 3 ARRSE Ties: 'The ARRSE City Tie', 'The ARRSE Country Tie' and 'The ARRSE Tie'. And they're all pretty in pink.

A small band of determined ARRSErs have vowed that Number 4 is never far from peoples' minds and have accordingly pasted scan0019.gif into their sig blocks. Once again, life imitates art.