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ARRSE Sponsors

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Why does ARRSE need sponsorship?

  • Sites like ARRSE which are free to join are obviously not free to provide so the COs encourage a modest amount of sponsorship on the site.

Miss Kathy West

  • Some sponsors such as the delightful Miss Kathy West are universally popular (errm, with the blokes at least) (errm, well at least with the straight ones who aren't pussy-whipped)


Richer Sounds

  • Gentlemen, assuming you don't want the neighbours to hear quite how much you are enjoying your visit to Miss Kathy West's site, why not twist the knob up full (so to speak) on something from Richer Sounds



  • Others encourage a bit more opprobrium from the more excitable elements of the site such as the lovely Ling


Telford Services

  • Not sure why they would sponsor ARRSE because obviously the majority of ARRSE Users have way too much time on their hands anyway. But for the best service I have EVER experienced from an online sales emporium it would be churlish of me not to recommend Telford Services:


  • Sluice_dweller sez: "I particularly liked the quote from Abacus after another week of combat against the wiki Spammers added this to his own page:

Cheapo/fakeo watch spammers please don't waste our time adding your links on here. In the extremely unlikely event that I couldn't get a watch from the link above I would rather strap a sundial to my knob than buy any of your junk!"

  • Astonishing service from - order to receipt in under 72 hours from Denmark to UK for the bullet with my name on!


  • Any of you who haven't got the bullet with your own name on already remember: someone else could buy it first...