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ARRSE Medals

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ARRSE has its own rank system for users. This is based on the time honoured tradition of the more posts you make the higher the rank you get. Tied in with this are the medals. If these concern you then you are a penis, hope that helps.


These are the normal medals awarded based on posts.


No medals for you I'm afraid! Wankers


Just a single one:Cocks 1gongw.gif


Looking a little better:Vaginas 2gongw.gif

Old Salt

Starting to be able to hold your head up in company:of fellow penis gobblers 3gongw.gif

War Hero

Well maybe not but still 4 is a decent rack:It's the internet 4gongw.gif


This is as good as it gets ....Still the internet 5gongw.gif


If you donate money to the site via the Donations page then you will end up with the following: slurpy arse lickers


Mention in ARRSE for more than £1 5gongw_donor.gif


General Cash Medal for more than £25 5gongw_gcm.gif


ARRSE Donation Cross for more than £100 5gongw_adc.gif


A few other ones that you might see kicking around.


Sported by Good CO and Bad CO, the owners of ARRSE: 5gongadminw1.gif

For those companies that contribute to the running of the site: sponsor.gif

Oxygen Thief

Get classified as an Oxygen Thief then you'll end up with the following: