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This page aims to offer information on some of the commonly asked questions. It is concerned purely with the ARRSE site and not the ARRSEPedia. Please use the table of contents below to jump to the section that you are interested in. If you cannot find the answer to your question then please go to the Talk Page or ask it in the ARRSE Site Forum.

Password and Username

I've forgotten my password and / or username

Go here: Lost details , and your troubles will be but a distant memory. Although once you reset your password you will probably want to login then read this next bit:

How to Change Your Password if you're already logged in (doesn't apply to the ARRSEPedia)

Go here: Change Password and, lo!, you can change your password. Please don't make it too weak though - there are plenty of bored people who might find it amusing to take your account over.


The process to register a user often seems to cause problems.

I haven't received an activation email

The chances are that your ISP or Anti-Spam software has classified our email as spam. We recommend that you check the appropriate mailbox to see if it has ended up there. If there is still no sign of it then drop us an email and we will manually activate your user.

The activation link didn't work

Some email programs spread the activation link don't let you click on activation links. Hotmail and AOL are both good examples of this. In this case you will need to copy and paste the whole activation link (which may be spread over multiple lines) into your browser. If you stil have no joy then drop us an email and we will manually activate your user.

Private Messages (PMs)

The site offers the facility for users to send Private Messages (PMs) to each other. For some reason this seems to cause lots of problems....

My PMs are stuck in the Outbox

Don't worry this is the way that the site PM system works. A PM remains in your outbox until the recipient logs in at which point it gets moved into their Inbox. Your friend has clearly not logged in recently.

Check your PMs

If a user wishes to contact another privately, then you will see this in the forum.

Adding attachments to PMs

This can't be done - you need to exchange email addresses

What happens when it gets to 100% full?

At 100% the oldest message will be lost as each new message arrives.

Email addresses

ARRSE requires that each registered user has a valid email address.

My Email Address is on display

When you first register your account your email address is not visible to anyone except site staff (we will never disclose this without a court order - for further information see the Privacy and Security article). BUT - you will see your own email address, as a button on your profile pages and at the bottom of your forum posts.

If you are concerned about this and don't believe the hype, logout of your account and then look at one of your forum posts and your own account details. Click the following link which will give an error. (you must not be logged in at this point!)

In to the address bar on your web browser (the line at the top where the web page address is) change the words "INSERT YOUR USERNAME HERE" to your username. eg. for the user "tester" the link would be:

Click the button to the right of the address bar ("Go", ">" or similar).

You will now see that your email address is not visible.

Now it gets complicated!

If you want to show an email address, you can either (when logged in):

1. Edit your public profile. This allows you to enter an email address different to the one you used to register and show it to the world.


2. Edit your preferences and choose to show your email address in the pull down option about a third of the way down. This will show the email address you used to register to the world (unless you have put in another one as described above).

Can I change my email address

We removed the ability of users to change their email addresses after this facility was abused by a small minority. If you would like it changed then just email the site admin team and they will do the honours.

Can I change my User name

We restricted the ability of users to change their log in names some time ago as it was being abused by a small minority of users. Changes to usernames can now only be made by the two site admins. If you let us what you would like as your new username we will do the honours. If it's reasonably likely that someone else already has the name, then it's worth visiting the forum search page and searching for posts by that username to check it's not taken.


The site Gallery offers the facility to upload pictures.

Can I remove a picture

Pictures can only be removed by the site admin (i.e us) but we are more than happy to do this if you send us the URL (link) to the picture that you are not happy with.

How do I include a picture in my post?

Avatars (The picture by Someone's Username)

Avatars are the little pictures to the left of user's posts in the forum. To learn more about how to create/upload them then go to the Avatar page.


The ARRSE_Medals are explained in more detail here

Oxygen Thief tag

If a user has an 'oxygen thief' tag in their medal block, it is because they have already been warned about posting drivel in the forums privately, ignored the friendly warning and have been publicly named and shamed. Do not respond to those with this tag, as they are generally attention seeking dullards.


All your questions answered!

Service Family Members

As well as being very welcome on ARRSE, now also have a site of their own:


Are you worried about being labelled as a 'Slacker' on the front page?

It's just a joke - the list is just those who are using the site at any given time. You should be working - get it?

The Clock's Tits Up (The Posting Time Function of the Community Forums Appears to be Erroneous)

Just below the forums on the right hand side you'll see what time zone you have the site set to. Default is GMT. You can adjust this by going into Membership, My Account in the site header menu (not available in the ARRSEPedia - you'll need to go back into the main site first).

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