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Mothman or 'Mothie' is a callsign on the Army Rumour Service (ARRSE). A self-confessed cnut, this socialist, contrary lefty Supermong and argumentative fuckwit is another civvy no-mark member of the site's creepypasta commie school of trolls and Walts, plastering ARRSE with epic bellendery and never-ending bollocks.


It's an interesting study in sociopathy. Mothman -"I've been burgled 3 times in the last 15 years" - in his own words is a self-confessed mong button basher.


Impersonating a Septic urban legend pseudo-cryptid in popular culture, Mothie - like his disagreeable lefty activist compadres - is a piss poor impression of a Spam hoax.

Stands his ground and posts cogent points now and again. He'd be quite effective without the socialist animosity, cognitive dissonance and bitterness common in recent PLP fanbois.

Mothie has "next to no furniture and drives an old Hyundai". Similar to Supermong Baglock and the asinine B_B in its posting style and lefty-stylee vitriol: this breed of trolling never-served, never-deployed sock has no friends.

Plastic Dolls' Heads

This is supposed to be normal behaviour: Mothman's avatar is a plastic doll's head, more specifically Action Man. Other, similar raving lunatics have adopted Captain Scarlett's head. This is all a bit strange, after all, men of action are unlikely to spend their days crayoning and peddling socialist tripe on a website. Unless of course they were in fact unemployed masturbating wastrels with nothing better to do. The use of plastic puppet heads by these Corbynite pissflaps and PLP shills is really quite seriously sinister.

Mothman's Fantasy World

Obviously sees himself as the mythical demon with big wings, rather than just a deluded bellend. Apparently young Mothman went for an early job as a "Credit Controller" but spat his dummy at the interviewers.

"The bunch of cnuts" as he puts it, obviously didn't deserve him; he's obviously the best employee they never had. Apparently ARRSE does deserve him, now there's a proper anomaly. His content is invariably suspiciously like B_B and several other friendless ARRSE SJW Momentum pissflaps.

  • Mothie is an SME on World War II Air forces and Fighter Aircraft (so he thinks).
  • "Likes to think he's a cunt" and says it's his New Years resolution.
  • "Never got a PPL but kept up gliding on a gaming PC with XPlane 11 and Prepar3d".
  • All very impressive, but this cnut is a fcuking Desk PC pilot with a personality disorder.

His Stance on Labour Party Anti-semitism

  • Mothie doesn't accept charges of "sickening" anti-Semitism in the Labour Party despite a spate of PLP MP resignations in protest.
  • Apparently, Labour Party MPs resigning in protest are "broad church mediocrities". Even PLP Deputy Leader Tom Watson believes "Corbyn must take a personal lead".
  • He was asked if he accepted that "there's an issue and it's really not all an anti Corbyn plot" (after Labour MPs criticised the party's culture on the BBC).
  • Mothie: "No. An Army officer once told me that the BBC was run entirely by Jews. The British Army therefore has a problem with anti semitism. What are you doing about it? Come back when Labour print a manifesto that says the Jews are to blame."


Make your own mind up, and you're likely to conclude he's a bit odd, maybe even dangerous. For those of you who have daughters, ask yourself this - just how comfortable would you feel letting this man babysit? Mothie is unquestionably a Mong - however ARRSE MOD Helm put it succinctly to our nasty little never-deployed civvy dullard: "You utter prick. How much combat did you see in the ACF?". They don't come more succinct than that.


Profile: Valid January 12. 2019.

Helm: 29.12.2018.

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