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AK 47

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The AK 47 was the first production model of the carbine invented by Kalashnikov.

Much beloved by the Pray and Spray brigade.

There is now, according to Jeremy Clarkson, one AK 47 per 60 folk in the World. Contrary to popular opinion (TV shows, Movies) it needs to be loaded from time to time, it does not have an infinite mag. For Some reason Iraqi's (Police especially) find it more "macho" to saw off the butt; this is neither "macho" nor conducive to better performance.

Simple and rugged like so many Soviet designs, the Avtomat Kalashnikova (AK 47) was designed by a tank commander, Mikhail Kalashnikov. Inspired by the German Sturmgewehr 44, it was a recognition of the fact that by that stage of WWII, soldiers were fighting house-to-house instead of sniping across 1000m of no-mans-land.

Over 35 million were made, including variants such as the Finnish Valmet (frame butt & plastic furniture), the Chinese Type 56, the lightweight AKM, and the 5.45mm calibre model, the AK74. A rotating-bolt design with gas-and-spring recoil system, it provided the basis for the Israeli 5.56mm Galil assault rifle. (Very popular with the troops; the Tongans love them, as well as their cut-price UZIs.)

Specifications (basic AK47)

Calibre: 7.62mm

Length: 870mm

Barrel Length: 415mm

Weight: 4.80kgs

Muzzle Velocity: 600m/sec

Feed System: 30 round box magazine

Range: 800m

Rate Of Fire: 600rpm