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The Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED) is an apolitical, and non-confessional international relief agency created in Afghanistan. The first projects were initiated in Kabul in 1993 to bring relief to populations affected by more than 15 years of conflict.

ACTED activities then rapidly expanded to the entire country and subsequently to neighbouring countries in 1996 (namely Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan), with the aim of developing a regional strategy throughout Central Asia.

The organisation continued its expansion, opening offices in Central Africa in 1997, in order to help populations affected by the Congo-Brazzaville conflict, in Central America in 1998 following the “Hurricane Mitch” disaster, in the Balkans after the conflict in Kosovo, and in the Middle-East, in 2003, to support Iraqi population.

In 2004, ACTED continued its involvement in Central Africa by opening missions in Chad and Sudan to respond to the Darfur crisis.

In 2005, the organisation has started emergency reconstruction activities in South Asia after the tsunami disaster, and is now working in India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

ACTED has implemented programmes in the Middle East since 2007, intervening in Lebanon and the Palestinian Territories.

More recently, ACTED intervened to provide relief to the populations of Africa, with new programmes starting in the Central African Republic, Kenya and Somalia in 2008. Our teams are also providing relief and supporting the populations of Myanmar affected by the Nargis Cyclone and are implementing projects in Vietnam since 2008.

ACTED has been implementing Food security interventions for the populations of Zimbabwe since October 2009, and is also present in Cambodia on HIV/AIDS prevention activities.

ACTED develops about 170 projects a year in such diversified activities as Emergency Relief, Food Security, Health Promotion Network, Economic Development, Education and training, Microfinance, Advocacy - Institutional Support and Regional Dialogue, and Cultural promotion.

As of today, ACTED is active in 27 countries (Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Nicaragua, Congo-Brazzaville, Serbia, Congo DRC, Iraq, Chad, Haiti, Sudan, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Jordan, Lebanon, the Palestinian Territories, Central African Republic, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Cambodia).

The organization employs approximately 160 international staff and more than 2800 national staff. The headquarters for the organization are located in Paris (France).

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