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9mm Browning

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Standard sidearm of the UK Military. This pistol of Belgian origin is the 9mm equivalent to the US Colt M1911 pattern service pistol. Reliable, not particularly gucci, but does the job. 9mm, single-action trigger, 13 round magazine-fed.

A very decent pistol when it was unveiled in 1935, getting long in the tooth but still effective. Still goes bang when you pull the curly bit though. I don't find the ergonomics too great, and novices seem to limp-wrist it a lot (particularly girlies and gentlemen's gentlemen, who should stick to pearl handled J-frame S&W revolvers).

Still ... a handy weapon to have if you have to shoot a terrorist in your jim jams ... although what a terrorist was doing in you pyjamas is best left to the inquest.