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88 Postal and Courier Regiment RLC(V)

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Formed on 5th April 1993 on the formation of the Royal Logistic Corps from the Royal Engineer Postal and Courier Service. Like its sister unit 87 PC Regt RLC(V) the Regiment recruits exclusively from Royal Mail employees. Annual camp is mostly spent sorting mail at Mill Hill mail sorting office and occasional forays onto major exercises. Some old duffers remain to bore the newer members of the Regiment about the time they went on annual camp to Hong Kong for two weeks as a courier.

Some members of the unit were transferred from the now disbanded 86 PC Regt RLC(V). 88 PC Regt RLC(V) is a component of 1 Logistic Support Group RLC(V).

Most of the inhabitants of this unit have large over developed wrists from letter sorting and swollen tongues from licking one to many stamps and letters.