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81mm Mortar

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L16 81mm Mortar

The L16 81mm Mortar is the infantry battalions only exclusive method of indirect fire support (ooooh get me).

Support companies usually have between 6-8 mortar detachments or in the case of the TA between 3-6.

The HE round has a lethal area of 40 metres and a danger area of 190 metres. The smoke round is white phosphorous and can be used as anti-personnel or incendiary... so laugh that one off if you're on the recieving end. The current Illum round is 1 Million candle power.

The maximum rate of fire for the mortar is up to 20 rounds per minute but the more common maximum rate of fire is 12 rounds per minute (cutbacks on ammo FFS!)

It has three main parts: Baseplate (The round sticky in the ground thingy), Barrel (commonly called a tube by fecking mongo orifices and yanks) and the Bipod (stick-outy leg thingy complete with spinny wheels and blood blister giving clamp device) and is fitted with the C2 sight Trilux (the looky downy dosen't work in the dark bit), fires three types of ammunition which are HE (you must know what that is??), WP (thats smoke for the biffs amongst us) out to a range of 5650 metres and illum (ooh luk at de pritty lights) to a range of 4800 metres.

It is crewed by 3 and transportable by these means: manpack (yeah right, just bungee this barrel and two greenies (ammo containers) on the back of your already stupidly heavy FOGB Bergen for the next 15 km tab, ok mate?), RB44 (Gay french renault Truck Utility Horrendous) /Pinzgauer (gucci Kraut airborne wagon) or in the mech role in the jolly old FV432(m).