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7 Battalion REME is a legendary posting. Formed in 1994 from 71,72 and 73 Aircraft Workshops and based at Wattisham Airfield in Suffolk.

It is the second line depth repair facility for the Apache, and also provides troops to augment first line workshops when they deploy. Sometimes.

When 16 Air Assault Brigade was formed in 1999, 8 Field Workshop, based at Colchester became part of 7 Bn, and the unit was renamed at massive expense to the taxpayer to 7 Air Assault Battalion REME. 8 Fd Wksp became 8 CS (Close Support) Company, and is now the focal point for REME Airborne training. HQ Company decided that the Maroon Beret was rather nice, so they all decided to wear it, which means that at Wattisham you can see an amazing variety of mongs, AGC Clerks and RLC chefs trying their hardest to look ally.