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68 (Inns of Court & City Yeomanry) Signal Squadron(V)

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Also known as:

The Devil's Own, The Tins of Pork, Champagne and Chav Yeomanry. Inner City Chav Yeomanry.

Descended from the loyal bands of volunteers formed under Good Queen Bess, the Inns was formerly a TA Cavalry Regiment. Forced to give up their armoured cars by HMG in the 1960s, they maintained a cadre of RAC-trained personnel for another 20 years "just in case" the Government changed its mind.

Now resigned to life as a signals unit, they will supply comms in the event of a catastrophic attack on the UK mainland as part of the ORBAT of 2(NC) Sig Bde.

Assets: Land Rovers, weapons, radios, well-stocked wine cellar, "finest Officers' Mess in Central London".

Battle honours: Boer War, WW1, WW2 (inc. D-Day and Normandy)

Songs: 1. Nancy Dawson, 2. "We're a shower of b******"