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669 Sqn AAC

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669 Sqn AAC are currently located at Dishforth Airfield as part of 9 Regt AAC. They are equipped with Lynx MK9A helicopters and bags of Morale and Banter.

In recent history, they have deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia.

They are proud to have 'Wile E Coyote' [1]or usually know as "The Coyote" as their mascot. Some would suggest that this is because Wiley never gives up trying. The Coyote is traditionally placed in the care of the most niggy rupert of the squadron.

The Squadron is a close knit team that values past and present members by having 'The 669 Squadron Coyote Association' [2]which holds an annual 'Coyote Dinner'.

Squadron Motto is "Machen Wir", which means "We Will Do It"

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