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664 Sqn AAC

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Possibly the finest Squadron within the Army Air Corps .


became more macho in 1992 when the Minden Mincers were disbanded and the Gazelle was joined by the sexier Lynx on return to the UK from Minden. Since the Quiche-eaters couldn't find pilots man enough to make up a new Flight, various Old & Bold aircrew were stitched-up and posted in. As these Gentlemen Aviators were almost exclusively on the portly side, having supp'd handsomely at the Cup of Life, they adopted the callsign 'SUMO', and proceeded to enhance life on the Squadron. As the Sqn had so little experience in handling a complex aircraft type, and rather more complex associated crews, the ethos of SUMO managed to subsume 664 Sqn, even to the extent of securing the services of a 'Mr Blobby' lookalike.

Of course, teaching the Baldricks about moving a large airframe met with some difficulties, particularly following the introduction of the Lynx 9, with a lockable, swivelling nosewheel. At least SUMO seldom had to buy beers for the Friday afternoon 'Flight Safety Meetings'. Cheers, MDN.


Last picture of the Sqn as a whole prior to leaving Minden and joining 9 Regt MDN being the most handsome on the picture.