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659 Sqn AAC

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659 Sqn AAC are part of 9 Regt AAC and are currently located at Dishforth Airfield. They are equipped with Lynx helicopters.

659 were the first aviation squadron to deploy to Kosovo, where they nobly distributed soup and blankets in their Lynx Mark 9's, thus cementing the nickname "Soup Dragon" in AAC history.

659's groundies have just been re-attached to the flying squadron and are known to be better than any other groundies in the world, a few characters are, jon, vic, mav, phil, griz, tom and the furious leader the trevster (meatball head)

unfortunatley some did not make the grade for example super duper acting LCPL SQ**re

big congrats to Stel who has won best tattoo of the month award, he tries so hard throughout his career and needs to be recognised.

runner up this month was tom with his middle wallop hair cut, high and tight please

This hair cut is the shish. (excellant well done excellant excellent)

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