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61 (City of Edinburgh) Signal Squadron

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The Glorious 61st (City of Edinburgh) Signal Squadron, more frequently refered to simply as 'The Capital Squadron' have achieved quite a reputation within the last few years. They have a young and dynamic group of Officers, backed up by a an experienced and wise group of SNCOs, they have the singular honour of being the best recruited sub unit in the entire Territorial Army. Their officer's can often be seen gadding about in their distinctive sky blue jumpers which have a rather interesting history. In 1957 the forebears of the Glorious 61st witnessed a road traffic accident outside their TAC, involved in the accident was a lorry which contained amongst other things, new barrack dress jumpers that were being trialled by the RAF and were something of a pet project for the Commandant at RAF Leuchars. During the clear up of this incident a number of jumpers went missing and the officers of the glorious 61st have been wearing them ever since, they are reverently handed down from Officer to Officer. The Dark Prince, of 51 Bde fame was a previous OC and he still casts a protective shadow over the sqn to this day.