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60 (Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars) Signal Squadron

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From 60 Signal Squadron Page:

Formed in 1999, following disbandment of 55 Signal Squadron in Liverpool. Dual-function CNR unit, with responsibility to 11 Signal Brigade on ARRC support exercises bi-annually, and to 2 Signal Brigade the rest of the time.

Utilising the FFR (Fit For Radio) Land Rover and operating in Detachments of two or more.

SHQ and A Troop located in new TA Cente in Aylesbury and B Troop in a less new TA Centre in Booker (High Wycombe). B Troop moving under FAS to 47 Signal Squadron in April 06, whilst the squadron are gaining a troop from Bedford and one (C Troop) from Cambridge. The Squadron pleased that is moving to 36 (Eastern) Signal Regiment under FAS.

Awarded the title of Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars (RBH) in 2005 but have done very little about it yet. Should be interesting in Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

Squadron motto 'Things can only get better'.

It is not true that they run a reverse recruiting policy and that C Tp is based at RAF Halton.

From 60 (Royal Buckinghamshire HUssars)Signal Squadron page:

60 (RBH) Sig Sqn was a subunit of 36 Signal Regiment(V), which is based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

The unit was formed as a new TA squadron in 1999 but, since the adoption of the RBH title in 2005, it can now claim lineage back to 1794 (apparently).

The TA Re-Balancing in 2005 saw the Squadron gain Troops in Aylesbury, Bedford (NOTE: not in Bucks), and Cambridge (NOTE: not in Bucks, either). They did have another Troop in Bucks, at High Wycombe, but that was re-balanced to 71 (Yeomanry) Signals Regiment.

A highly-skilled group of professional signallers, much in demand whenever there is a need for deploying obsolescent comms equipment and obsolete vehicles (e.g. within 2(NoComms) Signals Brigade), and much given to important military tasks, i.e. stomping around KwaZulu, diving in Gibraltar, and working alongside amateur radio operators. It could have been worse - at least it wasn't NCRS (don't ask - you really don't want to know)...

Updated as a consequence of the Review of the Reserves, 2009:

The Strategic Review of the Reserves in April, 2009 will result in the Sqn reducing to a troop of 1 (RBY) Sig Sqn at Bletchley by April 2010. The Sqn's role will change slightly as 1 Sig Sqn move away from BCP, joining 38 Sig Regt as part of new UK's Strategic Communications Regt.

More up to date Update... Squadron now reduced to a Tp of 94 Sig Sqn . Title now 860 (RBH)Tp 94 Sig Sqn.