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600 (City of London) Squadron

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600 Squadron (City of London) RAuaxAF is a multi-role squadron, which deploys chiefly in support of major military headquarters.

Originally the gentleman's flying club in the City of London, having the late Queen Mother as Honourary Air Commodore. Steeped in history as the only RAF unit with 2 badges, and having somehow 'acquired' a standard even before the rest of the RAF did. Even stranger is that it became the only air force unit to gain the Freedom of London. Sadly it also has the unique distinction of having the first fatality of WW2, in that one of its pilots crashed into Enfield High Street about 35 minutes after the declaration of war. On the upside, as a night bomber Squadron, it had the highest scores of confirmed 'kills' in WW2. Not bad for a bunch of part-timers.

The Squadron's greatest loss of life was the ill-fated defence of Rotterdam in 1940, when five Blenheims (a wooden/Mecano plane with a couple of 2CV engines) were lost in and around the City. Members of the Squadron visit the graves each year and pay their respects.

It had twice the number of occifers to ORs but with the advent of a novel idea of fitness and mobilisation, many found this just too frightening to contend with and resigned. Likewise the lofty heights of Commanding Officer became a lottery and the novel phrase of "who is this week's CO" had a ring of truth about it.

The Communications Flight was largely mobilised in 2009 and the 'Big Red Bus' toured Afghanistan successfully. Many outstanding war stories echoed along the Squadron lines, and it is possible that one or two may have some truth to them, just. Now that they are back, they have all become barmen making it unique to have more airmen behind the bar on a Saturday evening than in front of it.

Although the average age is closer to the state pension age, some of the new management is steering the Squadron in the right direction, with the dreaded subject of fitness now part of the calendar and recruiting well from the local community.

The Hon. Commodore is the grandson of the founder of the RAF, namely Lord Trenchard.