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5th Battalion The Rifles

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Formerly 1st Battalion The Light Infantry, reformed as 5th Battalion The Rifles in 2007.

The Battalion is currently based in Bulford Camp, Wiltshire, Having moved there from their original home in Germany in 2016.

As an Armoured Infantry Battalion, they are equipped with the once world beating Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV), which they fought with in the deserts of Southern Iraq as well as in Afghanistan. In more recent years, it has become apparent that the aging Warrior fleet pales in comparison to some of the more modern vehicles of allied nations. In recognition of this, the Warrior is being given a mid-life upgrade in order to bring it up to par.

They are one of the Army's most deployable 'heavy metal' assets, with prime use of the best training facilities and the best training areas the Army has to offer. This ensures that they remain at the highest possible level of training, ready to deploy wherever and whenever their skills are needed.

In 1993, when the LI reduced from 3 Battalions into 2, 1LI was merged with 2LI who at that time, were widely accepted to be the most operationally experienced Battalion in the British Army. Today, due to the lack of kinetic operational tours, that experience has waned, somewhat.

5 RIFLES commitment to operations continues today. They were the first Battalion to deploy to Estonia on Op Cabrit as a leading formation in NATO's "Enhance Forward Presence" (eFP) battlegroup. Previously they had been deployed on operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

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