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5th Regiment, Royal Military Police.

A glorious regiment comprising of two TA and two regular companies, that is 252 & 243 (TA) as well as 101 & 114 Provost Companies (Regular). The TA companies are little known, and reside in Stockton and Livingston, while 101 & 114 are in Germany

101 Pro Coy

This company is based in the sleepy hollow that is JHQ, AKA Monchengladbach (please excuse the spelling). The majority of its jobs are to do with cycling related offences, and as a result is never too busy/stressful (despite what the seniors/officers may claim)

114 Pro Coy

Based in Gutersloh, it has to deal with the RLC's finest. As a result, they are always mega busy, often calling on support fron 76 Sect SIB to sort out the most unsavory elements of the Garrison. Consisting of 11 Pl (Mr R), 12 Pl (Mr S) and 14 Pl (Sgt C), it is a fine company, from the top down, encompassing seniors who know what they're talking about, juniors who listen when talked to, and subalterns (Lt's R & S) who know how to go on the p*ss without upsetting the RSM too much. A good example of how the army should work...