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5 Field Squadron RE

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From Cyclops:

Just for starters.It is expected that all the `blades`wont remember any of this,but here goes:

My first memories of 5 was Napier Bks(i think) Dortmund it was all a bit of a blur. Brand-new to BAOR from the Middle East an old `hand at this army thing but MELF was not like Germany. the SNCOs were all wartime soldiers and I was allowed some affinaty with them We moved to Iserlohn had a great time there exercises were `enjoyable`hard but by the time I did my last exercise in 1978 thing had changed so much. Then to Paderborn that jewel on the edge of the great northern plains, for me it was the best times ever.

Just to get people going what of the vehicles we used Dingo,,QL Bedford,, champ,, scamell,, cat d4,,and the battle dress,,denims the guard mounted in `best kit`thats all for starters Im exausted with all this reminissing