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59 Independent Commando Squadron RE

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59 Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers are a key component of 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines. 3 Commando Brigade has always been at the forefront of operations, playing a leading role in the Balkans, West Africa, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Brigade is a joint formation, capable of taking other manoeuvre and fire support assets under command. Designed to be expeditionary, it can be inserted by any means, is optimised as an amphibious formation, with the ability to project force without reliance on ports or airfields.

The inherent flexibility of such a force means that it packs a punch out of proportion to its size. It is the UK’s only formation trained in cold weather warfare and aims to train annually in an extreme cold environment (usually Norway). However, it also trains and operates in the mountains, desert and jungle.

The origins of the Brigade can be traced to the formation of the first Army Commando units.